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    How To Fix The Connection Has Timed Out - Mozilla Firefox - Problem Solved

    Error connection (connection error)
    A message indicating a problem with the connection:

    * Unable to connect (can’t connect)
    * Server not found (Server not found)

    If you repeatedly get this message, check your Internet connection. If you are connected to a wireless network (wireless), make sure you are connected to the access point (access point) is closest to the signal is strong enough. …

    If you experience any of the issues below when opening web sites, please read the following article:

    * Firefox cannot open the web site but other programs can-if you can open the web site through browsers other than Firefox.
    * Some sites cannot be opened using the firefox browser
    * Cannot connect after upgrading Firefox-if you experience connection problems after updating Firefox.

    How to fix The Connection Has Timed Out :

    This error shows Firefox tries to access the Internet via a proxy server. To check Your proxy settings:

    1. At the top of the window Firefox on the menu bar, click on the Tools Firefox menu and select Options > Preferences
    2. Select the Advanced panel.
    3. Select the Network tab.
    4. On the Connection, click Settings ….
    5. Change Your proxy settings:
      * If you connect to the Internet without passing through the proxy, or don’t know if you connect through a proxy, select No Proxy.
      * If you connect to the Internet pass through a proxy, compare the settings of Firefox with other browser programs (for example, for Internet Explorer, please read the instructions the proxy settings of Microsoft) (for example, to Safari, please read the instructions proxy settings from Apple).
    6. Close the window Connection Settings.
    7. Click OK then try your connection again.
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    For those of you who have difficulties to follow the tutorial above, please see the following video to fix The Connection Has Timed Out on mozilla web browser.

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