Test No Index AMP – Remove Google Cache URL

    This post I create to know how to remove AMP Url from Google Cache.

    For you also want to remove AMP url from google can sharing your experience to comment from.

    This is not simple to bring back your web normaly after Instal AMP on your site, actually when google was Index your AMP Page that will need some time to bring back to yorr normal Url.

    When I Uninstal and Deactive all Plugin on my Web, AMP Still indexed by google. But some page url was set Normally, some of them still AMP, other url was normal and 404.

    If you face 404 Problem after Deactive, Remove Uninstal AMP from your site here the tutorial to fix it, you not need to redirect it one by one page. you can bulk action all AMP Page :

    1. Install & Active Redirection Plugin on your WordPress

    2. Set Redirection, set this role .

    How to Fix 404 on AMP pages after deactivating the AMP plugin

    • Source Url : /(.*)\/amp/
    • Target Url  : https://www. yoursite .com/$1
    • Group       : Redirections
    • Regex       : Check ()

    3. This setting will make your 404 AMP Page redirected to your Normal Url

    Hope this help you, after my site get normal I will tell to you how long time to bring back your site normally after remove AMP Page. Thanks,

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